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Monday, April 04, 2011

Kate Gosselin Pining For EX? Sources Say Kate Gosselin Misses Jon!

KATE Gosselin is missing her ex-husband.
Sources say the reality TV star — who raises eight kids with Jon Gosselin, whom she split from in 2009 — is pining for her former spouse and feels lost without him.
“He was her whipping boy, but also her best friend,” a source said. “Yes, things were very toxic between them, but there was at least some sort of camaraderie.
“His departure made the show less interesting to people and left a very real hole in her life.
“She pretends to be made of steel, but underneath, she is very sensitive.”
Gosselin is was reportedly to be back in the dating game.

The reality TV star — whose divorce from Jon was finalized last year — recently headed to 230 Fifth in search of romance and she had a film crew in tow, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.
“It was supposed to be Kate’s 36th birthday celebration, but it was all about meeting men,” a source said.
“She was all dolled up in a black cocktail dress, brought a camera crew and was chatting up a lot of guys. It wasn’t clear if they were actors or not.”
Kate recently confirmed she’s back on the dating scene.
“I’ve been on a few little dates here and there but I have eight kids already,” she said.
“I don’t need nine.”

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