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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Katee Sackhoff, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Freddy Prinze Jr. talk Season 8

Katee Sackhoff

Coming off of a DC-set season that even naysayers agree was much, much better than Season 6 (aka “The Season with Mushroom Cloud, the Evil Grandpa, and Rick Schroder”), 24 has moved its base of operations to New York for the eighth season. To reflect the show’s new setting, billboards across America are proclaiming: “New York Gets Jacked.” I don’t know what that means, but I like it.
The show hosted a red carpet premiere in New York last week and was there to chat with Kiefer Sutherland ask vital questions to the supporting cast. (I labored hard to get top-secret intel, Ausiello-style, but the cast was pretty tight-lipped; thus, this post can only earn a VERY MILD SPOILER ALERT.) The Season 8 premiere kicks off tonight.
Williamson on whether or not his character will break the CTU director death curse: “One of the exciting things about this show is you have to be in the moment. Each week when you get the script, you read through it and you don’t know what to expect…Anything could happen to anybody. And that’s what’s so much fun about this show. My character’s very much alive, but we’re starting episode 19 when we get home.”

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