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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jennifer Lopez to Launch New Fragrance, Love and Glamour

Jennifer Lopez announced today that she will be launching a new fragrance in October. Called Love and Glamour, this latest scent is inspired by her own return to life on the A-list. Lopez pioneered the celebrity fragrance category back in 2002 and her other 16 fragrances have taken in a whopping $1 billion over the course of 16 launches. Not too bad for a girl from the block.

But how does Lopez feel about the other celebs who have jumped on the celebrity fragrance band wagon? “More power to them,” Lopez tells WWD. “I am very competitive, but I don’t look at it [as a competition.] I’ve always thought that authenticity, at the end of the day, wins, and the cream always rises to the top. I really don’t worry about other people, because I’m in competition with myself.”

Lopez, who is set to renew her vows with husband of six years, Marc Anthony this Saturday, also says that the creation of Love and Glamour was an “exacting process.” “I drive [Coty] a little bit crazy,” she said. “Because it’s always not signature enough. I go back and say things like, ‘Can we push the sandalwood a little bit more, can we make it a tiny bit more sexy?’ To translate that into actual chemistry is a difficult thing. Then they go back and say, ‘What does she mean by sexy?’ she explains to WWD.

But how did she come up with the concept? “What I always like to do is look at where I am in my life at the moment. [Here] it was right after the babies and was when I was getting back to work and getting back to what I do again. It just felt like a time of a lot of love and that seemed very romantic to me — I said it seems like love and glamour. As a name, Love and Glamour seemed like a really aspirational, fun and beautiful thing that we could work with in many, many ways.”

If your tastes in fragrance leans toward notes of Italian mandarin, guava and nectarine pulp, or if you’re a fan of, coconut orchid, you’re going to delight in Love and Glamour. But, will you buy yet another fragrance from Jennifer Lopez? Or have you had enough?

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