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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Britney Spears Getting Fatter

BRITNEY Spears is in a bad place!
The singer downs booze, pills & junk food to fight depression — and it’s causing her to pile on the pounds, reports American tabloid the National Enquirer.
“In just the last six months, Britney has gone from 118 pounds to nearly 150, her heaviest ever,” a source said.
“I think her meds probably keep her focused and under control, but they increase her appetite and pile on the pounds.
“Britney’s depression has escalated in the last six or seven months and she drinks alcohol and eats junk food to cope, gorging on burgers and tacos, high-sugar sodas, chips and blended coffee drinks.”
Recent reports claimed Spears wants to revive her acting career.
The If You Seek Amy hitmaker is said to have been encouraged to explore her movie and TV options following a number of recent cameo roles.
“Britney is very mindful that she has to evolve as an artist now she is heading towards her thirties,” revealed a source close to the star.
“Music will always be a part of her life but she has come to love acting and comedy especially. She is currently considering a few scripts — one is a comedy and a kind of parody of the pop star she is and the other is a more serious role which is an action movie.”

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