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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miley Cyrus remains mum on parents' divorce as 'Hannah Montana' nears end

Miley Cyrus
is keeping mum on her parents Billy Ray's and Tish's divorce proceedings, as her Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, which launched her career, nears its end after four seasons.

Meanwhile, talk show hosts Jay Leno and Phil McGraw are set to appear on an upcoming Hannah Montana episode on November 7.

Leno and McGraw will play themselves on the episode, titled "I'll Always Remember You". Hannah Montana contemplates removing her blonde wig and revealing she's really Miley Stewart on The Tonight Show, which Leno hosts, after her boyfriend Jesse begins to grow tired of pretending to date her alter-ego, international pop star Hannah Montana.

The Disney Channel has not confirmed the date of the Hannah Montana series finale but a spokesperson said it would air in 2011.

Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays the actress' and singer's father on Hannah Montana, was the one who filed the divorce papers earlier this week, citing irreconcilable differences."

Miley Cyrus told TV Guide magazine in a video interview shot prior to the filing: "Our relationship has changed like every dad and daughter but we haven't separated. We haven't distanced outselves. We have even gotten closer. I don't have anything to hide, I'm with him every day and he trusts me more than I think most dads trust their daughters."

Miley Cyrus, who turns 18 on November 23, has said she has outgrown Hannah Montana and also caused some controversy earlier this year when she showcased a more mature image in performances and music videos, which marked a sharp contrast to her "good-girl" persona seen on the show. The actress and singer acknowledges she has changed since she began filming Hannah Montana.

"I've definitely changed a lot," Miley Cyrus said. "Who you are and what you know and what you understand and what you feel is completely different."

"I have one Hannah Montana outfit that I've kept," she added. "If I ever have a girl one day I want her to be able to dress up as Hannah Montana one day and know what it feels like. I think I'll probably end up saving one of the wigs."

Cyrus, who began her acting career when she was eight, is focusing her attention on the big screen. She stars in the 2011 film LOL: Laughing Out Loud with Demi Moore and plays a girl who deals with high school romances and friendships as well as overbearing parents. Lionsgate recently acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the film.

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